Ilkeston Outlaws ‘Hawks’ vs Chilwel Comets

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Ilkeston Outlaws “HAWKS” –v- Chillwell Comets
AWAY – Tuesday 18th Sept 2018
Last night saw the first Ilkeston Outlaws “HAWKS” match away at Bilbourgh. This was a team that we simply could not beat last year. Hawks team was missing last season’s MVP Ethan Roberts who is now tied to the first team. We have however a couple of new additions to the team with Jeff Hobday (Coach Roberts school team mate from Lees Brook, many, many, many moons ago) and Harvey Boam returning from his sabbatical with Spartans last season.
The quote heard before the start of the game from an opposition player to his team mates was “Come on we should win this they were old players when I started playing”
Let battle commence. First quarter started out with Hawks in a 2-1-2 zone defence formation with big Justin Miller dominating the centre position from the start his shot blocking last night was exceptional and easily reached double figure blocks with a large number of rebounds on both ends of the court. Jeff Hobday controlled the tempo of the game for Hawks and is a valuable asset as point-guard for the squad his experience will be needed throughout the season. Harvey Boam was on fire last night with his shooting. Dave Conlon again a formidable defender dominated his side of the boards with James Pacey assisting at the top of the zone with fast hands. First quarter finished with Hawks up – 13 to 5.
Second Quarter same defence but Chillwell dropped three 3 pointers so time to push the front two out further and three pointers stopped. Adam O’Dowd did a fake and base line drive reminiscent of years ago and Coach Roberts even decided to get involved and dropped an outside two you can tell it is the first match of the season following a summer so both Adam and Darren rested and fresh as it gets with two old men. Harvey Boam was dominant in this quarter dropping 13 points. Hawks finished 17 to 14 this quarter so half time score30 to 19 up.
Third Quarter and Comets came out with a full court press, “bring it on” three guards on court Jeff, Harvey and James Pacey easily broke the press and Justin in the middle of the court made it easy for a half way pass. Scoring this quarter was across the board with Darren Parr dropping a nice open two pointer and Leon Cierech doing his defensive duties as normal. A time out was needed to steady the ship and not get into Comets running game after which we ended 16 to 12 up in this quarter.
Final quarter and another press which was broken, we do however need to work on the silly outlet passes from defensive boards some turn overs that were easily avoided. Dave Conlon grabbed a defensive board and went on a coast to coast run laying up an easy two “don’t upset the beard!” Coach Roberts went on a drive from the top of the zone and hooked a two pointer much to everyone’s shock including his own. We battled hard in the quarter but lost it 12 to 15.
Final score Hawks win – 58 to 44 (Not bad for a bunch of, in the main – old men)
All credit to Steve Wheatcroft and Matt Harrop who controlled the game in an excellent manner and allowed the game to flow, great to have two good refs at a match.
Scorers: Harvey Boam – 21 points
Justin Miller – 13 points and double digit blocks
James Pacey – 6 points, Dave Conlon – 5 points, Adam O’Dowd – 4 points
Darren Roberts – 4 points, Jeff Hobday – 3 points, Darren Parr – 2 points
Coaches Game MVP = Harvey Boam

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