Match report: U16 Boys vs Bournville

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The U16 boys went to the Bournville Bears on Saturday with 5 experienced players (1 of them just coming up from the U14’s of last season), and 4 very, very inexperienced players who had joined only 3 weeks back and had never played before.

As with most games you never know how things are going to play out and we did expect a tough match. However, it wasn’t as bad as the coaches had envisaged.

Our experienced boys started off really well and soon took control of the game with Taii Francis completely dominant at both ends of the floor, which was great to see. No one from Bournville had any idea how to cope with him and what was pleasing to see was that he took upon himself to do exactly that, “be dominant”.

Over the first two periods our boys did themselves proud and you can now see, with this extra year at this level under their belt, they looked comfortable.
Scoring at will we had the game wrapped up by the end of these periods, which was even more pleasing, with all the newcomers playing their part throughout these early minutes.

Quarters 3 and 4 where much the same, although at the start of the 3rd Bournville did try and rally somewhat, but an early time out plus switching of a player, soon quelled their enthusiasm and the boys then continued to score at will.
During both these quarters all the new boys got good court time whilst continuing to try and be as aggressive as they could, which was great to see.

At the end of the last quarter, we took Taii off with a few minutes to go, bearing in mind he had scored 30 and rebounded the hell out of the opposition along with some “monster” dunks culminating in a long dribble drive into their zone to tomahawk it over one of their players!!, so we thought we’d give him a well earned rest!.
This quarter ended with all 4 new boys on the floor with Lewis King organising.

Superb first game but feet definitely on the ground as we envisage some very tough games ahead.

Bournville Bears 56  – 95 Ilkeston Outlaws

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