Outlaws men make it 2-0 at home

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The Ilkeston Outlaws Senior Men I had their second game of the season on Wednesday against the Rolls Royce Raptors, a team that all the returning members of the club were all to familiar with, as last year the Raptors gave the team one of their biggest losses of the season.

The new-look Outlaws I showcased how much they have improved since the beginning of last season, coming out of the gates with a new found aggression that coach Hayman Tansley has been trying to instil in this team. Hitting basket after basket in quick succession to start the game.

Outlaws veteran Chip Humphreys found his shot his form straight away, as the MVP of last season teamed up with game 1’s top scorer James Wood to give the outlaws an early lead.

With additional scoring effort from Josh Turner, Zach Murira and game 1 MVP Daniel Tanser to back up great team defensive effort led by big men Josh Turner and Justin Miller; The Outlaws finished the first quarter with an 18-10 lead.

In the second quarter the Outlaws didnt slow down, scoring 20 points with great ball movement into the big men and back out to the wings, giving an overall shared scoring effort, again led by top scorer James Wood. The great ball movement led to more shooting opportunities, allowing some great 3 point looks by the Outlaws wings in Jordan Briggs and Chip Humphreys as well as some great looks in the mid range by Outlaws vet Ashley Davies, who always prove that he only needs a few inches to get a good shot off.

The second half took a turn for the worse for the Outlaws, as the Outlaws struggled to score and move the ball efficiently and barely made a basket all quarter. Luckily the Outlaws defence stayed consistent and despite only scoring 6 points, the Outlaws went into the 4th quarter with a 5 point lead.

In the 4th quarter, the starters re-gained their momentum from the first quarter and grew the Outlaws lead which allowed coach Hayman Tansley to trust his bench to finish the game – Despite a great comeback attempt being mounted in the games final minutes, the Outlaws stayed just ahead of the Raptors to seal the deal.

Final score 62-52

James Wood took the MVP for the Outlaws this game, voted for by the captain of the Raptors for his overall intensity on the court, and his scoring effort – mounting a massive 22 points on the game!


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