Outlaws U16 fall to Leicester Riders

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Saturday saw really hard work being done by the whole Outlaws U16 outfit against a strong Leicester Riders team who in their first two matches this season have clearly had it easy and won by at least 100 points each time.

Ilkeston Outlaws started out strong and contested well, even taking the lead early courtesy of a couple of Dan Brown drives – unfortunately the lead was something they were never to do again all game. Clearly the Riders were rocked early on and pressed hard to earn the lead. Outlaws had worked hard on boxing out which was essential today against a team with numerous 6ft+ players

Q1 ended 8-20

Outlaws again came out strong in the 2nd qrt and hard play forced the Riders into foul trouble in the fifth minute. Better three throw shooting from the Outlaws saw them draw the quarter 16 a piece – final score at the half was 24-36.

To keep this Riders team to 36 points and to score 24 was a fantastic effort.

Riders were clearly unhappy and came out blazing in the 3rd qrt with a full court press. Outlaws did not lose their heads and kept plugging away. Again Riders were in foul trouble and again Outlaws continued to make they pay from the line. However we couldn’t match their relentless pressure and size. End of the quarter it was 32vs58.

Final quarter was similar to the 3rd – continual tough pressure from a full court man. Outlaws continued to battle hard and tried to play our offence. Will Pullan had a stand out quarter, continually losing his man for easy buckets under the basket. It was only in the last couple of minutes that some heads went down and Riders got some easy buckets on the fast break or easy rebounds.

Final score was 40-87.

Thanks again goes to Circle Nottingham – not only have they sponsored out new kit but today it was drinks bottles for all the players!!

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