Outlaws U16 take tough loss to Leicester Warriors

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Saturday 18th saw the U16 Ilkeston Outlaws make the now familiar trip down to Leicester, this time to play Warriors. The previous week they had scored 50 points against Derby so the young Outlaws team knew they were going to face a tough battle.
The Outlaws started the 1st strongly, playing tight defence and exploiting the height mismatch inside. Only a couple of Warrior 3’s kept the warriors in range but Ilkeston battled hard and took the first 17 vs 20. The 2nd quarter was a completely different affair, with Warriors going on a 8 point streak early on after some turnovers and lack of focus on defence. However the Outlaws continued to work hard both inside and from fast break drives and so remained in contention. Half time score was 36 vs 29.
The 3rd quarter was very similar to the 2nd, Warriors managed to drive too easily into the centre of the zone, partly because they had a strong 3pt threat forcing our defence to try and cover both inside and out. The Outlaws continued to drive well and had them in foul trouble and for once made a team pay from the line. End of 3rd was 61 vs 45
The 4th quarter saw too much of the driving from Warriors getting through our defence, although coach Ringer gives full credit to his team as they continued to battle hard, continually puling Warriors apart on the fast break. The strongest part of the quarter was the last 2.45 when the Outlaws repeatedly trapped the warriors, getting turnover after turnover which then were converted into fast breaks. Unfortunately it was too much too late. Final score 79 vs 67

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