U18 Explode to a Win Against Leicester Dynamite

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The eve of Bonfire night, how fitting Ilkeston were hosting Leicester Dynamite. The Dynamite had already beaten Riders who sneaked a win at Ilkeston two weeks earlier and were plotting to do the same today.

The Outlaws got off to a good start taking the first 8 points before Dynamite opened their account. Sticking to their game plan, Outlaws put on the pressure and tried to take the game to Leicester, but the intense defensive effort was spoilt by a few weak calls and a bit of bad timing which helped Dynamite get to the line and nip back at the Ilkeston lead. Baskets were traded end to end throughout the rest of an exciting first quarter seeing Ilkeston narrowly ahead. Outlaws 28 – 22 Dynamite.

The second quarter started pretty much like the first with Ilkeston opening the scoring and applying the pressure as before. Dynamite were still trying to give as much as they were getting and settled into a tight zone defence to try and stop Ilkeston’s inside scoring effort. Great work from Ilkeston’s big men and some timely 3 point efforts from the supporting guards saw Ilkeston scoring 19 points and holding Dynamite to just 8. Half way point, Outlaws 47 – 30 Dynamite.

With the bit firmly between their teeth, Ilkeston set out to finish what they had started in the first half by shutting down Dynamite and closing out the game. Stepping up the defence again in an attempt to stop Dynamite in their tracks, saw Ilkeston pick up several fouls for being overzealous. Although Ilkeston saw this as defending hard, the referees had a different opinion. Ilkeston’s fouls were mounting and with one player tweaking an ankle and having to rest for a while, Ilkeston had to play smart to get through to the end of the quarter. Another 22 points to Ilkeston, but a little disappointing as Dynamite score 19 in reply. Outlaws 69 – 49 Dynamite

As a result of the earlier foul trouble, the final quarter saw the first Outlaws casualty as the “Red 5” was shown by the table to the first Ilkeston player. Determined to not change the plan, Outlaws pressed on with their defence stealing the ball several times and forcing turnovers at the Dynamite end. Playing smart now started to help Dynamite as they started to drive at the Outlaws players in order to draw more fouls. The Outlaws defence stood strong in the paint. Although not stopping the Dynamite scoring as efficiently as before, Outlaws continued deep into the fourth quarter before losing a second player to foul trouble. If Outlaws were going to weather the storm and get through to the end of the game with 5 players, they were just going to have to outscore Dynamite. All guns blazing, both teams battled to the end with Outlaws scoring 28 points to Dynamite’s 24. A great final quarter display from both teams. Final score Outlaws 96 – 73 Dynamite.

It was certainly a day for the big men, combining for a massive 64 points and contributions from all the other players meant we were almost back to back 100’s in the league.

Heavy scorers today with Cameron Hearne dropping 11, Toby Cooper scoring 24, and Taii Francis scoring 40 points, his second 40 point outing in 3 games.
Well done guys, great team effort once again.

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