How to make learning fun whilst the schools are closed

Now that schools have closed, you might be thinking about how to keep the kids busy and make learning fun. Well, as your child loves to play basketball, why not to try to include it in some of the educational things you do with them? Here’s some ideas to get you started, but please share any of your own ideas…


  • Take a certain number of shots and work out the scoring percentage. You can plot this over time to see if your shooting percentage increases
  • Complete a stats sheet (try one like this ) and complete equations such as which player has the best scoring percentage
  • Draw or make a basketball court to scale


  • Write a blog. Here’s some ideas … what basketball means to you, what you’ve been up to since basketball training stopped (this could be a weekly one), or how you’re getting your basketball fix
  • Write a match report. This could be from a made up game, a game you have played in or one you’ve watched (why not watch one on YouTube)
  • Write a story about basketball
  • Write a film review of a basketball film Try Space Jam, Coach Carter or Believe In Me


  • Investigate why a basketball bounces. What forces are at play?
  • Research what muscle groups are used for different skills. How do these muscle groups work?
  • Research energy systems used in basketball and how these can be developed


  • Research the origins of basketball and how it has developed
  • Research the past winners of basketball at the Olympics


  • Research all of the teams in the NBA and WNBA and plot them on a map of America
  • Research all of the teams in the BBL and WBBL and plot them on a map of the UK


  • Design a new basketball kit
  • Design a basketball logo
  • Draw a picture of a player with correct shooting technique


  • Do a home workout. There’s loads on YouTube, join Joe Wicks for a live workout or create your own circuit. Think about what exercises work different muscle groups
  • Do some ball handling and dribbling skills
  • Practice passing against a wall. You could use a chair to practice passing around a defender

Let us know if you try any of these, or have any of your own ideas.

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